my top 8 Father's Day gift ideas!

Skechers sent their Palen shoes over for review - all thoughts/opinions are my own. The other items on the list are not gifted or sponsored in any way.

Okay, I don't know about you, but my husband is THE hardest person to shop for, ever. He never knows what he wants, he's super particular about the things he DOES want and it's an just all-around difficult task. BUT, after almost four and a half years of marriage, I feel like I finally have somewhat of a grip on the type of gifts he will like and I'm pretty sure these 8 picks are shoo-ins at this point! I mean.. I'll update for sure once Father's Day rolls around though and let you know how I did. Haha.

Here are my favorite gift ideas for the dad in your life, in no particular order!

1) Contigo travel mug - We LOVE Contigo mugs! And Matt has lost at least 3 of them over the last year, so these are always on my gift list for him. Ha! They keep his coffee super hot and I love how sleek-looking they are.

2) Best Dad Ever tee - I just love little shirts like this!! Mainly because Matt really is the BEST DAD EVER. And I want everyone to know it.

3) Palen-Gadon Casual Shoes from Skechers - Alright y'all, these shoes! We were sent the Palen-Gadon relaxed fit shoes in gray and LOVE THEM. They have gel-infused memory foam soles and Matt is seriously obsessed. He tends to be especially particular about shoes and how they fit, so he was super excited to put these on and see how comfortable they are! He's a real estate agent so he's on his feet non-stop during the day and the memory foam makes a huge difference for him! Pretty sure we're going to order them in every color now.

4) Golf balls - Because my husband (and lots of other husbands I know) love to golf. You can never, ever go wrong with extra golf balls!

5) A new grill kit - I like to buy a new one of these every year or so for Matt. I just hate the thought of all the burnt meat and gristle that accumulates from the grill each time we use the tools and this one is so affordable, I just figure... WHY NOT. Plus, everyone loves a fresh set of toys!

6) Home Depot gift card - Matt could spend HOURS at Home Depot.. and he does. Ha! So for him, a gift card is super fun because he can snag a little something that he's had his eye on or he'll save his cards for a bigger something later on. Either way, it makes him happy. And if he's happy, I'm happy. Boom. Done.

7) Dad's coffee spoon - I LOVE THESE. And I love that you can pick up one that already has a cute saying on it or you can customize it to say whatever you want!

8) Swim shorts - Because let's face it.. your husband's trunks are probably at least 5 years old and are lookin' pretty ratchet. #amiright. I love these ones from Kortni Jeane (I love all of her suits - I own two, myself)! They're trendy, affordable and definitely helps me make sure we're all color-coordinated for the summer. Which is totally important to Matt. HAHA. Kidding. Only I care about those kinda of things ;)

Alrighty, folks. That's it! Those are my top 8 picks for Father's Day - and I'd love to hear from you! What's your husband or dad like? Is he easy to shop for? What are your go-to gifts?




our favorite basics from Carter's!

This post is sponsored by Carter's; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own!


Okay, so if you know me, you know I love a good neutral, basic piece of clothing, for myself AND my kids! Haha. Which is why I was so excited when Carter's reached out and asked me to partner with them on their new Little Baby Basics launch!

Life changed quite a bit when we had our second baby - I didn't realize how small tasks like grocery shopping, quick errands, even getting everyone dressed in the morning, were SO MUCH EASIER with just one babe! Verity and Silas are only 22 months apart and some days are just plain crazy. Haha. I've learned to not take simple things like nap time or the hour I have to myself at the gym or a quick doze for granted. These babies changed everything but the thing I'm most grateful for? The fact that they changed ME. Life is loud, it's busy but it's also full of so much love!

Alrighty, back to fashion! I found quite a few pieces that fit my criteria (haha) and I couldn't wait to put them on V and take some pictures! Being a mom is exhausting (AMIRIGHT) and so anything that can make my job and day a little easier ranks pretty high on my must-have list. And that is true of so many of the items in the new LBB line!

One of my favorites is this floral coverall - I love the floral trend and I hope it never, ever goes away! These colors and the snaps (which makes diaper changes a SNAP - see what I did there? Haha), are some of the best parts!

Okay, so this is technically one of their "boy" pieces but I love neutrals and this grey just spoke to me. It's totally possible to girl it up a bit, so don't shy away from clothes that aren't specifically for girls! 

Again with the florals!!! This pink sleeper with the botanical floral print is WHERE IT'S AT, y'all. I've already gotten so many compliments on this piece - Verity wore it on the flight to California last week and multiple people stopped me to say how cute her sleeper was! That's how you know it's a winner ;)

I also am super obsessed with this chambray top - which, of course, fits Sissy almost as a dress because she's so tiny! Haha. But seriously, this top goes with SO MANY THINGS - leggings, jeggings, skinny jeans, sandals, moccasins, dream big here! Definitely one of our new go-to basics!


Here's a coupon for you to use! 20% off your next purchase of $40 or more. Get to shoppin', y'all!



Silas' room reveal!

Okay, THIS. This has been months in the works.. actually. More like over a year. HAHA. Anyways, I could tell you a million reasons why it's taken so long but that would be really boring. So, here we are! I really love how it all came together - I wanted Silas to have a nice bed, a place to color and play, a teepee where he could read and hide out and a place for all his books (this kid loves to read), so I'm super happy we were able to incorporate all of those elements.

Special thanks to, Dock A Tot for this Grand sleeper that has helped Silas transition from his crib to a toddler bed, Tnee's Tpee's for this amazing teepee, Copper Pearl for the changing pad cover, Land of Nod for the polar bear mat, flags and sheet set, Spilled Milk Designs for the mountain pillow, Blindster for the roman shade for his window (and they always have huge deals!!!), Hello Maypole for the felt balls, Bla Bla kids shop for his new fave knit puppy doll and Court and Co for the incredible cactus pillow! I literally couldn't have done it without these amazing companies!!

Welp, that's it! Some of the sources are tagged in the second paragraph (the companies that partnered with us by providing items) and the rest are listed below:

Hobby Lobby: Lion and Rhino heads

Target: Coolest Kid pillowcase cover

Land of Nod: USA map

The Little Tiny Shop: leather mobile

Amazon: Table and chairs

Walmart: Dresser

Ivie Baby Shop: Cactus print and "Stay True" print

Ikea: Round stools


The Dock a Tot has helped HUGELY in our transition - Silas slept in it some while he was still in his crib, so once we put it in the toddler bed, sleeping there didn't feel different to him. I think this played a large role in how smooth the transfer went because I'm sure a bed feels big and scary after being in an enclosed crib for 2 years! A few other things that helped:

1) Wait until they're ready - we tried the transition in January and it DID NOT work, to say the least. We found Silas on the second night.. in the living room.. at 3am.. playing with his trains. HAHA. We promptly put a baby gate up outside his door and he then spent the next 2 nights waking up every 15 minutes and wailing at the gate. Luckily we'd left the crib up and so back in it he went for another 2 months. Silas doesn't do super well with change and I think he liked having the toddler bed in his room for awhile so he could get used to it. We tried again in March and it was seamless - he slept perfectly from 7:30-7:30, like normal and other than a week or so when he tried to get up and play, he now stays in bed until we come and get him.

2) Be flexible - This kind of goes hand in hand with the point above - but it bears repeating. BE FLEXIBLE. I know a lot of parents don't want to buy a second crib when a new baby is coming, but seriously.. IKEA has some for only $80 and they're worth every penny. It's not worth the trauma, for you or them, to try to force you child into a bed before they're ready. Just buy the second crib!

3) Use a Dock A Tot - Seriously, WE SWEAR BY THESE. For Verity and Silas! Like I said above, I REALLY think we owe a huge part of the success of transferring him from crib to bed to our Grand Dock a Tot.


4) Be consistent - However you discipline, just be consistent. We spank for disobedience, so we had about a week where we sat outside his door with the monitor and gave him a pop whenever he got up, but it clicked for him and now he stays in bed until we come get him (and says, "Mommyyy! Daddyyy! I'm awaaake!" It's real cute). But whatever you decide to do, just do it consistently (walking them back to bed, etc.). I just suggest watching them on the monitor and going in immediately so they're not getting to play for 10 minutes before you come in each time.


I hope you found a few of these things helpful! Good luck in your transition and I hope you enjoyed our room tour!