a follow-up on weaning Verity + future family plans.

This post was sponsored by Nature's One; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


A lot of you will remember the post I wrote back in July, about our choice to wean Verity at 6 months (if you haven't seen it yet, you can read it here). It seems like just yesterday that I was so torn in our breastfeeding journey, trying to process everything and now my girl is ONE and I'm already typing this follow-up! Time is a serious thief.

I remember feeling so much angst about wanting/needing to wean Verity and now, on this side, I can honestly say that giving her Nature's One Baby's Only Organic Formula was the best decision I ever could've made. For myself AND my family. I know everyone's hormones go crazy during pregnancy but my hormones go NEXT LEVEL crazy - I had antenatal anxiety and depression starting in my second trimester with V and it continued on even after I gave birth to her. I was consumed by anxious thoughts, easily angered and so on edge while breastfeeding - I could literally feel the surges of hormones while nursing. It was awful and 99% of the reason I decided to wean early.

And honestly, weaning turned out to be the answer to so many of those problems. We started Sissy on Nature's One formula at 6 months and she took to it so quickly. That in and of itself was such a relief! But the hormonal and emotional support that switching to formula gave me.. THAT was priceless. After nursing her for the last time, it was truly night and day. One day, I felt unstable/angry/hormonal and the next, I FINALLY felt like I was back to my normal self. TRULY. I can't even talk about it without tearing up - it was that bad. And I was so so so so grateful to have my life (and mind) back.

So fast forward to now, as we toy with the possibility of having a third baby.. the thought of having to go through pregnancy and breastfeeding again terrifies me. I actually told Matt a few months ago, "If we ever had a 3rd, I don't know that I would breastfeed at all." Which is such a strange thought to me on a lot of levels - because other than the hormone issues, I really enjoy the act of breastfeeding. I nursed Silas for 14 months, Verity for 6.5 months and the idea that I wouldn't nurse AT ALL is bizarre in a sense. But I just keep thinking back to how free I felt after weaning Verity and how much healthier it was for our whole family, and I feel like I have my answer.

From someone who was/is a huge breastfeeding advocate, I also think you have to look at the ENTIRE picture when you're faced with decisions like these. And I am so beyond grateful that I have another option: Nature's One formula. All of the ingredients meet strict USDA Organic Regulations, there are no GMO ingredients, no corn ingredients and it's gluten-free. I am so in love with this company and in love with their formula. Seriously. If I can't breastfeed again, I feel SO GOOD knowing that my baby would still be so well taken care of. That brings such relief to my anxious thoughts about the future and honestly takes a heavy load off my mind.

So will we have a 3rd kiddo? I don't know, honestly. But I am so glad to know that I have options. I have a choice. And I look at my girl, who is one year old and thriving, and I know that these babies of ours.. no matter what we choose, they're gonna turn out JUST fine.




comforts + my babies

This post is sponsored by Comforts Brand; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


These babies of mine. They're 22 months apart and becoming the best of friends. They have their moments for sure, but oh my gosh, to see them interact and start to play together is pretty much the best thing ever. Every morning we put Sissy in her walker while Silas jumps on his toy giraffe and hollers, "Sissy! Let's WIIIIDE!" and they take off through the house. It kills me every time. I hope and pray they're always this close.

But let me tell you something... two babies in diapers at the same time is CRAZY, y'all. 


I mean.. they're crazy, too. Both of them. It's pretty much crazy town daily at our house!! Which is why, as a busy mom, I'm always happy to find products that help minimize the craziness ;)


We were asked to try out Kroger's Comforts Diapers and Wipes and I couldn't wait. Both Silas and Verity's diapers (from another brand) had been leaking lately and we had been on the hunt for new ones to try - ones that were quality but also wouldn't break the bank. Which is why we were so excited to get our hands on Kroger's Comforts diapers and wipes!


These diapers are BUTTER soft, so gentle and super absorbent. Even Silas commented on them haha! We changed him the other day and he said, "Mom! Why deeese diapys so soft?" At that point, I was like, "Okay, even my almost 3-year-old noticed the difference!" That sold me. I also love that there's a wetness indicator on all sizes now (which comes in handy when you have a toddler who won't use the potty but INSISTS he's wet and needs to be changed 24/7 *rolls eyes*)! My other favorite feature is that each pack comes with 2 designs - listen, I know that Matt and I are basically the only ones that see their diapers, but I LOVE having designs on them. That's probably the decorator in me... loving things that are functional AND pretty ;)


The wipes are awesome, too! They have extra grip on them, which makes me feel like I can use less wipes per change. They're gentle, which is important to us because Sissy has pretty sensitive skin. No parabens, no alcohol and hypoallergenic. They also come fragrance free, so that's awesome. Love keeping these on hand for all kinds of things - diaper changes, messes, dinner time, in the car. Seriously, I use them for EVERYTHING.


I've added a link below for you guys to grab a coupon and snag your own package - these Comforts Diapers and Wipes are available exclusively at Kroger family of stores. I genuinely think you'll love them! We do.





never gonna give you up, lovey

This post is sponsored by Tile; however, as per usual, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


SILAS AND HIS LOVEY, y'all. Stuck like glue. If you see lovey, I can almost guarantee Silas is close by.

So, what is a lovey, you ask? It's a 16 x 16 piece of fabric that is like a mini security blanket. Silas has had his since he was about 5 months old and is obsessed. If any of you know my son in real life, you know that he LOVES his lovey. Like, seriously. Cannot live without it. Cannot sleep without it. Carries it everywhere. Holds it over his nose and sniffs it when he's upset (that's actually how he decides which lovey he wants every night - he smells them all and chooses the dirtiest. So. Gross. Haha)! Heck, we finally bought an extra one last year because good lord, if we ever lost this thing, LIFE WOULD BE OVER. 


So, when Tile reached out to us last month, I knew EXACTLY where we would use their tracking device... on lovey!! It's truly the one thing we cannot handle losing.


Tile is the world's best-selling bluetooth tracking device and you can basically attach it to anything you own that you don't want to lose. I just sewed a little hole in the corner of the lovey and threaded a ring through that I could attach the Tile to. 


I really love that the Tile is small enough that Silas hardly notices its there. And I seriously can't tell you how relieved I am to be able to find his lovey with the click of a button. The whole program is so user-friendly; you simply download the Tile app and that's how you keep track of whatever the Tile is attached to. So easy!!


Aaaand I officially feel like we need at least 12 more of these for everything else we own. Haha! You can learn more about the Tile here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-evd9B-ZKg