my hospital must-haves!

Alright y'all.. second time around. I added a few things from our last delivery and left a few others at home. Now, I know my list is probably longer than some people's, but I like to be prepared.. AND to be fair, I did use it all haha. I also know everyone's situation will vary based on where they deliver, what their hospital provides and their own personal preferences but hopefully this helps someone out there! Here's what I brought (and why):

For me:

iPod/speaker (I loved having worship music playing this time around - super peaceful)
- Labor gown (I hate the hospital ones - found one at Target)                                                                                                                        - Chapstick (dry lips during labor are definitely a thing)
- Hair ties
- Small extension cord (those plugs are never where you need them to be, especially when you want to charge your phone)
- Phone charger
- Water tumbler (easier to drink out of - personal preference)
- Pillow (SO NICE to have your own pillow - hospital ones suck)
- Hair straightener (some people swear you won't care what you look like, but I totally did. Maybe that makes me vain? I don't know. But it was nice to feel "put together" after the delivery and before people came to visit).
- Dry shampoo
- Face wash/face lotion
- Toothbrush/toothpaste/deodorant
- Makeup (same reason as the hair straightener haha)
- Boppy
- Towel (again, because the hospital ones suck. Maybe it's me but I need something bigger than a washcloth to dry off with ;))
- Socks (hospitals are FREEZING)
- robe (so nice to wear over the nursing tanks for more coverage, especially with visitors) 
- 2 nursing tanks
- 2 nursing bras (I always packed 2 because.. leaking milk)
2 pairs yoga pants (because.. bleeding through things)
granny panties (the hospital usually provides mesh panties, which are nice for the first day, but I liked having regular ones to put on after that. Felt more comfortable)
- Zip-up jacket (I wore this home with a pair of yoga pants and slippers)
- Slippers
- Nursing pads
- Snacks (gum, fiber 1 bars, vitamin water, applesauce squeeze packs - best idea EVER. Especially if you deliver late at night and everything is closed and all they have are crackers for you - happened with Silas and we learned our lesson. Pack those snacks!)

For baby:

- 3 sleepers (in case of a blowout)
- Hat (again, hospitals are COLD)
- 2 swaddle blankets (I liked having cute ones to take pics with)
- Going home outfit
- Car seat
- Car seat cover

For Matt:

- Toiletries
- Pillow
- Change of clothes
- Phone charger


I can't tell you how much more prepared I felt this time around, because of this list! It made our stay 100% stress-free, which was huge and really allowed me to enjoy just being present with our new babe. I'd love to hear from you, what were some of your must-haves??