bumpdate 16 wks

can't believe it's time for another one of these! i didn't believe people when they said it but second pregnancies really do go by so much faster than the first! we're just chugging along for the time being - Silas is as busy as ever, always into something. I swear, that kid has snuck in the bathroom and splashed in the dang toilet probably 45 times in the last 2 weeks. and no matter how many spankin's he gets, it just doesn't phase him. seriously, it makes me SO CRAZY. hoping this stage passes quickly haha.

other than that, just waiting for Matt to get out of school (he's a teacher) so we can have him all day, every day for the entire summer! all to ourselves! pretty pumped for that. also, getting ready to leave on our california trip in a few weeks, which is super exciting. it'll be good to get the heck outta dodge for a bit and enjoy the nice ca weather with my precious fam! we always look forward to these trips. alright, here's the bump date:


how far along?

16w 2d. baby is the size of large avocado.


weight gain?

still none, as of 5.17. I actually lost another lb haha! I was a little concerned until my ob came in and saw me chasing Silas around the office… she took one look and said, "well, that explains why you haven't gained any weight!" bahah. he literally never stops moving. hashtag wild child.



still none. feeling great, eating whatever I want. ha! I had SPD with Silas' pregnancy (google it - theeee most horrific pelvic pain you can imagine). so far I'm doing alright but it started at 20 weeks with Silas..  going to a chiro and being super careful this time around, holding out hope that it doesn't return!


maternity clothes?

holding onto my regular jeans still! ha! definitely going to make the switch soon though, because they're pretty dang uncomfortable lately. I'm carrying super small this time around. so far. HAHA.


stretch marks?




WE JUST FOUND OUT!!! It's a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!! reveal post coming soon.



daydreaming about it. thinking soft colors, warm, bright, lovely, with floral accents. YAY!



ranch dip and veggies. chocolate peanut butter ice cream. strawberry licorice. PEACHES. all the peaches.



my neighbors. bahah. trying to love them like Jesus does… but gosh, if they could just stop being so annoying and parking in front of my house constantly and partying, it'd be a lot easier ;)



i could've sworn i felt movement the other day, but who knows?! it's definitely not consistent yet.


signs of baby?

none, thank goodness!


that's it for now! xoxo