gender reveal!

it's a GIRL. a girl!!!!! a G.I.R.L. giiiiiirl!

we were so surprised! neither of us had a feeling of what gender this baby would be, but somehow we still weren't expecting a girl! haha. everyone was asking what we thought or what we wanted before the appointment and honestly, I would have been ok with either.

part of me wanted a boy because I would've loved for Silas to have a brother close in age but the other part of me hoped it was a girl so that we'd have one of each and take the pressure off any future children. just so glad that I'm not the one who decides the gender. it would be SO FREAKING HARD to choose!

we went to a cool 3d/4d ultrasound place and asked the tech to write the results in a sealed envelope for us, which she was happy to do. we did the same with Silas and then went to breakfast and opened it together.. I loved that so much that we decided to do it the same way this time around. there's just something about finding out when it's JUST us that makes me so happy - maybe it's just me, but i really don't want the tech in there with us when it happens! haha! i want to have my reaction alone with just me and Matt.. so now it's kinda become a tradition, I guess.

we ate lunch before we went and then stopped at a park after the appointment to open the envelope (the same park that Matt asked me to be his girlfriend in - we cheesy like that). I opened that envelope and pulled the card out, which said, "it's a girl!" and immediately started crying (happy tears).. I couldn't believe it. I turned to Matt and said, "it's a girl?????"

gosh, i was just so surprised and so excited. a little girl. totally uncharted territory. haha! but what a fun learning curve! it was so awesome to call my family in ca and surprise them all with the news, along with my husband's family and friends. happy happy news.

all that to say… i'm definitely gonna need all your favorite girl shops for clothes, blankets, headbands, the whole shebang! we got some shopping to do!!! ;)

p.s. this gender reveal was so fun and so hilarious. trying to use cotton candy in the middle of houston in almost summer and 100% humidity = chaos. the cotton candy literally disintegrated and completely melted in less than 5 minutes. bahah. but I'm so glad we managed to get some good pics in before that happened - and Silas was more than happy to gobble it up. love my family.