bumpdate 12 wks

I really hate the term "bumpdate" but since it's an update on this baby bump I'm currently sporting.. I guess we'll go with it. ha!

Silas' pregnancy is all a blur to me, mostly because I didn't document a thing. i know a lot of people have a love/hate relationship with these updates, but I fully regret not journaling last time, so like it or not, you're stuck with me now ;)

ps. I'll do these same questions each month!

how far along?

13.1 weeks now but in order to keep the updates every 4 weeks and end on an even number, i'll fill this one out for how i felt at 12 weeks.


weight gain?

none yet, as of 04.28. i've actually lost 1/2 lb, oddly enough. but I'm also about 15 lbs heavier now than i was when i got pregnant with Silas, so hoping to gain less this time around (basically, if i can keep it closer to 20 rather than 30, i'll be happy).



none, really, other than some bad skin. I never got sick while pregnant with Silas and it was same this time around. mildly nauseous from weeks 6-8 and then totally fine! my boobs weren't even sore! hashtag blessed.


maternity clothes?

i'm still holding tight to my regular jeans but they're rapidly shrinking. and i definitely have to unbutton them when i eat now. i'm sure the strechy pant ship will be sailing soon enough! i've bought a few non-maternity shirts that i can use for quite awhile AS maternity ones (thank goodness the drop hem is in style now)! the last few weeks are just crazy growth and i don't care about looking cute then. but for now, i try to shop as much non-maternity as i can so i can still wear them postpartum!


stretch marks?

none yet! i got one on each side during Silas' pregnancy, but that's it! hoping it's the same for this one.



don't know yet! and i have ZERO feeling this time around. i think i'll be surprised either way. haha.



haven't even given it a thought yet, to be honest!



fruit, ice cream, anything and everything. ha!



hot tamales (used to be my fave candy!) and avocados (used to love those, too! it's a texture thing now).


nope. too early!


signs of baby?

none yet, thank goodness.


that's it for now! xoxo