bumpdate 20 wks

seriously. how the heck am I already over halfway done with this pregnancy?! unreal. it ALMOST makes me think I could do it a third time ;) 


how far along?

21 weeks today.


weight gain?

1 lb, as of my last appt. I DID eat a ton while on vacation in ca though, so pretty sure that number is a few lbs higher now. ha!



the pelvic pain i had with Silas (SPD - google it. it's awful) just started flaring up a few days ago, which is such a bummer. hoping that with regular chiro care, it won't get as bad this time around though. if not, it's gonna be a looong 19 weeks lol.


maternity clothes?

none yet. still in my regular jeans and tops. i have this thing for tops that aren't actually maternity but can be used for pregnancy (a whole other post on that later), so I don't think i'll be in real maternity clothes until the last 4-5 weeks.. if the bump is anything like it was with Silas. 


stretch marks?

none yet.



a GIRL! having so much fun gathering clothes for her.. it's hard to picture another baby being that tiny!



SORTA coming along. working on clearing out the room now and painting in the next few weeks. I've gathered a few decor items and a hamper (haha). my grandma is getting Silas a new crib so Silas' crib will become this girl's crib. hoping to make that switch in early Augst before Matt goes back to school. I imagine that's when most of the decorating will happen.



the name we picked! we (okay, I) love to keep it a secret until birth so it'll be awhile before we share. ha! but i just am in love with this name.. saying her name and Silas' together gives me all the feels. two kids, y'all! TWO. how am i old enough for this??? hahah.



this pelvic pain. unfinished projects. stress. do those things count? HA.



yes! it's not super consistent yet (another anterior placenta), but I'm definitely feeling the wiggles every now and then. also, my sister and mom got to feel light kicks while we were in ca, so that was a super special memory. 


signs of baby?

none yet! which is a good thing ;)