2017 goals

You guys. It's 2017! What the what?? Wasn't it just 2004 like 5 years ago? HAHA.

We had a pretty low-key celebration, which is just how I like it lately.. I used to LOVE huge parties and lots of people but I've definitely become more of an introvert in my old age. Give me a few friends and some good food and I'm a happy camper. 

2016 was quite the year. Our family grew from 3 to 4 (another surprise baby)! Matt and I made the big decision for him to switch careers (teacher to real estate agent - he's kickin' A-S-S at, by the way). We moved into our new house last January and started a bajillion renovations. I struggled emotionally quite a bit (pregnancy screws with my hormones big time), but I really felt my faith deepen this year. I learned to trust in the grace of God, really fight to control my thought life and rely on friends and family for support and encouragement. I grew a lot, which I'm grateful for. We took a few trips, had a few (okay, more than a few ;)) fights, watched way too many episodes of NCIS and Suits and laughed. A lot. So 2016.. while you weren't my favorite, you did bring a lot of good to us. So thanks for that.  

And 2017, I've got big plans for you! Here are a few goals I'm aiming for this year:

- Stick to a better cleaning schedule (laundry on Mondays, bathrooms on Tuesdays, etc)

- Have daily devotions as a family and be way more intentional about spending time in prayer together

- Be more present (especially with the kids. Less phone, more play)

- Set up specific blogging/social media times (which will definitely help me be more present)

- Start working out again (not sure exactly what this looks like, but I GOTTA get moving)

- Lose 20 lbs (this would put me back to where I was before kids, it's a comfortable weight for me)

- Grow hair out (because I miss my long hair!)

- Finish up the last few projects around the house (put door on toy closet, change kitchen sink/faucet, frame bathroom mirrors, front yard landscaping, master bedroom (because it's ALWAYS the last room to tackle).

- Simplify (everything. Closets. Toys. The kitchen. When I buy new things. Simplify and minimize. Simplify and minimize. My new mantra this year).


And a few things I'm looking forward to in 2017:

- Celebrating 4 years of marriage in March

- My husband only working ONE job (and it being something he actually enjoys!)

- California vacation in June

- Christmas in CA!


It's gonna be a good year, friends. Let's MAKE it a good year.