never gonna give you up, lovey

This post is sponsored by Tile; however, as per usual, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


SILAS AND HIS LOVEY, y'all. Stuck like glue. If you see lovey, I can almost guarantee Silas is close by.

So, what is a lovey, you ask? It's a 16 x 16 piece of fabric that is like a mini security blanket. Silas has had his since he was about 5 months old and is obsessed. If any of you know my son in real life, you know that he LOVES his lovey. Like, seriously. Cannot live without it. Cannot sleep without it. Carries it everywhere. Holds it over his nose and sniffs it when he's upset (that's actually how he decides which lovey he wants every night - he smells them all and chooses the dirtiest. So. Gross. Haha)! Heck, we finally bought an extra one last year because good lord, if we ever lost this thing, LIFE WOULD BE OVER. 


So, when Tile reached out to us last month, I knew EXACTLY where we would use their tracking device... on lovey!! It's truly the one thing we cannot handle losing.


Tile is the world's best-selling bluetooth tracking device and you can basically attach it to anything you own that you don't want to lose. I just sewed a little hole in the corner of the lovey and threaded a ring through that I could attach the Tile to. 


I really love that the Tile is small enough that Silas hardly notices its there. And I seriously can't tell you how relieved I am to be able to find his lovey with the click of a button. The whole program is so user-friendly; you simply download the Tile app and that's how you keep track of whatever the Tile is attached to. So easy!!


Aaaand I officially feel like we need at least 12 more of these for everything else we own. Haha! You can learn more about the Tile here: