a follow-up on weaning Verity + future family plans.

This post was sponsored by Nature's One; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


A lot of you will remember the post I wrote back in July, about our choice to wean Verity at 6 months (if you haven't seen it yet, you can read it here). It seems like just yesterday that I was so torn in our breastfeeding journey, trying to process everything and now my girl is ONE and I'm already typing this follow-up! Time is a serious thief.

I remember feeling so much angst about wanting/needing to wean Verity and now, on this side, I can honestly say that giving her Nature's One Baby's Only Organic Formula was the best decision I ever could've made. For myself AND my family. I know everyone's hormones go crazy during pregnancy but my hormones go NEXT LEVEL crazy - I had antenatal anxiety and depression starting in my second trimester with V and it continued on even after I gave birth to her. I was consumed by anxious thoughts, easily angered and so on edge while breastfeeding - I could literally feel the surges of hormones while nursing. It was awful and 99% of the reason I decided to wean early.

And honestly, weaning turned out to be the answer to so many of those problems. We started Sissy on Nature's One formula at 6 months and she took to it so quickly. That in and of itself was such a relief! But the hormonal and emotional support that switching to formula gave me.. THAT was priceless. After nursing her for the last time, it was truly night and day. One day, I felt unstable/angry/hormonal and the next, I FINALLY felt like I was back to my normal self. TRULY. I can't even talk about it without tearing up - it was that bad. And I was so so so so grateful to have my life (and mind) back.

So fast forward to now, as we toy with the possibility of having a third baby.. the thought of having to go through pregnancy and breastfeeding again terrifies me. I actually told Matt a few months ago, "If we ever had a 3rd, I don't know that I would breastfeed at all." Which is such a strange thought to me on a lot of levels - because other than the hormone issues, I really enjoy the act of breastfeeding. I nursed Silas for 14 months, Verity for 6.5 months and the idea that I wouldn't nurse AT ALL is bizarre in a sense. But I just keep thinking back to how free I felt after weaning Verity and how much healthier it was for our whole family, and I feel like I have my answer.

From someone who was/is a huge breastfeeding advocate, I also think you have to look at the ENTIRE picture when you're faced with decisions like these. And I am so beyond grateful that I have another option: Nature's One formula. All of the ingredients meet strict USDA Organic Regulations, there are no GMO ingredients, no corn ingredients and it's gluten-free. I am so in love with this company and in love with their formula. Seriously. If I can't breastfeed again, I feel SO GOOD knowing that my baby would still be so well taken care of. That brings such relief to my anxious thoughts about the future and honestly takes a heavy load off my mind.

So will we have a 3rd kiddo? I don't know, honestly. But I am so glad to know that I have options. I have a choice. And I look at my girl, who is one year old and thriving, and I know that these babies of ours.. no matter what we choose, they're gonna turn out JUST fine.