our farmhouse-style master bedroom makeover

Some of the items included were gifted to us. As usual, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

YOU GUYS. THIS POST. FIIIINALLY. Haha. I've been decorating and planning this reveal all year and now it's finally here ;) Our room was completed about a month ago but ya know, life and stuff. Matt switched careers (teaching -> real estate) in June, so that has been a huge transition for our family. Self-employment is a massive learning curve in general and then throw two kids, a vacation and a semi-high-maintenance wife (hi, me!) in the mix and you've got yourself some chaos haha. 

BUT, it's here now. Done and complete and more beautiful and peaceful than I ever imagined. So, huge thanks to the several shops who made this reveal a reality - I will be linking their sites at the end of the post, so make sure to scroll down if you see something you like in here!

Wherever we've lived, we have been focused on getting the kids and their stuff settled in, so our master bedroom has always been the last thing to come together. However, I'm learning that we need to be settled, too! The older I've gotten, the more I've realized that it's very important for me to have a calm, beautiful, serene space to call my (our) own.. because clutter and messes really, truly do stress me out. Another thing that has helped create this space is to have a "no kids" rule for our room. I'm sure everyone feels differently about this but it's been key for us to have that separation, for the kids to know and respect that this room is mom and dad's space, for there not to be legos and blocks scattered around, etc. I mean, there's enough of that in the living room! Haha! Those little things help us feel like our room is a haven and not another stressor. 

Okay, now for the good stuff... the pictures!!


BED SHEETS - Cariloha

BEDSKIRT - Beddy's




"LET'S STAY IN BED" SCROLL - Cottonwood Shanty

IVORY LINEN EURO SHAMS - Cottage and Cabin

TAN PILLOW COVERS - Linen and Stripes

RUG - Lorena Canales Rugs

MIRROR - Amazon