my top toddler must-have: a learning tower!

This post was sponsored by Little Partners; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Okay, who here reading this has a toddler? 

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say I'm pretty sure a good number of you raised your hands. TODDLERS, #amiright. There's almost no way to fully explain or express what life is like with a 2 year old, but just know SOLIDARITY. We're all in this together and part of having each other's backs as moms, is sharing various lifehacks and other helpful gear/ideas/tips with our fellow soldiers. I mean, mothers. MOTHERS (even though sometimes, I really do feel like I'm in the trenches haha).

So with that in mind, here's my top gear recommendation right now: a Little Partner's Learning Tower! We were sent the Limited Edition one to review and I could hardly wait for it to get here. I'd seen learning towers featured in magazines before and online and I kept thinking how genius it was! Mainly because Silas LOVES to help me cook and most mornings/evenings, he would drag one of our kitchen chairs across the floor, push it right up against the stove and climb on. I mean, not only was I slightly concerned about him being that close to an open flame, but the chair would wobble around and he came THISCLOSE to falling off more times than I could count.

Enter the Learning Tower. It's SAFE. It allows Silas to feel "independent" but still be secure. It lets him participate alongside of us, especially in the kitchen and with cooking! There are so many opportunities to create and learn with our kids and I feel like I've probably missed some of those in the past, simply because of logistics.. he literally couldn't be a part of it. But that really has changed now!

A few facts about the Tower:

  • It's made with the highest-quality layered poplar and birch and is tested to hold up to 500lbs.

  • The platform height adjusts easily and can grow with your child, from 18 months-6 years.

  • It has a lead-free, non-toxic finish that cleans easily with a damp cloth.

Another bonus about the Limited Edition version is that it comes with an activity center on the outside of the tower, so Silas can use it as an easel and draw! Listen, y'all. I don't know if it's just my boy or all boys or this specific age, but Silas has the attention span of a gnat most days haha. So, I actually really like that he can switch back and forth between being up in the tower and helping to cook and getting back down to draw and color. We've also just used in the living room as an art station! It keeps him entertained and my sanity a little further intact.

I can't tell you how cute it was when Silas pushed the tower over to the counter yesterday morning and said, "I cook with Mommy! I cook eggs with Mommy!" AND THEN DID IT (insert crying emoji). He seriously scrambled his own eggs, you guys (with my supervision, of course) and I was just so dang proud of him! And I'm sure it won't be long before little miss V wants to join him up there ;)

Both of my babies, helpin' their mama in the kitchen.. well, that's pretty much what my dreams are made of.