why I'm big on real nutrition for my kids

Sponsored post. This post is sponsored by Happy Family Brands, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Okay, let’s talk about food for just a sec. If you know me at all, you know I’m a bit of a freak about what our family eats. Not to say we don’t enjoy a treat now and then, but in general, we tend to lean towards more natural, organic, real, transparent food . And honestly, after multiple requests recently, I think I might start sharing a few of our favorite recipes every week! But I’ll save those for another post ;)

Let me just say that shopping and eating healthy really isn’t as difficult as some make it out to be... and just like any habit, it does take time to get into a groove. But y’all, once you find that rhythm, you’re good to go! Food choices and shopping lists and picking snacks just becomes second nature and I truly don’t even have to think about it anymore. It also helps that I’ve come across some amazing brands and in a pinch, can just stick to those when I shop – because I know they’re safe and healthy and really put my mama heart at ease.

One of those brands is Happy Baby! We have quite a few favorites from them – their gluten-free puffs, their coconut milk fruit creamies and now their new clear, transparent baby food pouches! Y’all. These are the REAL DEAL, full of high-quality, organic ingredients. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m always watching what goes in my kids’ mouths... and I’m sure you’ve all also read the news articles of various parents finding gross mold or rotten food in other pouches but they have nooo idea because they can’t seem in them! Ew. So, let’s just say there are lots of reasons I love the clear pouches but that’s definitely up on the top of the list. Haha.

I know not everyone feels the way we do about food, but honestly, I think it plays such a large role in how Silas grows, behaves and feels! His body is fueled by REAL food and I can 100% see a difference in his behavior when he has a piece of candy or eats junk – and it’s just not worth it to us at this point! We try our best to eat like this at home, obviously, and we also plan ahead to try to ensure he gets the same food even on vacation! Again, that’s where these Happy Baby pouches come in handy.. I love that I could go to a nearby Walmart, grab a handful of pouches and take them with us – on the plane, in the car ride to the ranch, out on the lake, in the pool. Literally everywhere.

I’ve learned in motherhood where Matt and I can make compromises and where we need to push through and nutrition for us is just one of those things we push. I want to know what’s going into my babies’ bodies and I want to know that they’re getting the best start nutritionally that they possibly can. So, all that to say, I really am truly grateful for companies who have the same mission and create products that not only make my life easier but also make my childrens’ lives healthier!

Love, B