is our family complete? and other future baby-related decisions.

This post is sponsored by the CBR®; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own, as per usual.

YOU GUYS. My teeny tiny baby is 8 months old now and for some reason, this age more than any other, is making me reflect back on my pregnancy and birth. Maybe it’s because the older she gets, the closer and closer she’s inching towards a whole, entire year? I don’t know, but either way, it’s definitely got me feeling nostalgic.

As lots of you know, Matt and I aren’t entirely sure we’re going to have any more babies... at least biologically. We’ve always been open to adoption, but that’s definitely scary in its own right. I don’t know, honestly. It’s such a complicated subject for us – we would LOVE a third baby, but I genuinely don’t want to be pregnant ever again. BUT then I think back on Silas and Verity’s births and some part of me would love to deliver another baby – there’s such an adrenaline rush that comes with labor and I LOVE that part. I mean, if there was a way to push another baby out without having to go through the 10 months of pregnancy beforehand, I’d sign up in a heartbeat! Haha. And on one hand, I’m so happy we’re out of the newborn phase and both of our kids sleep 7:30-7:30, so do I really want to do sleepless nights again? But on the other hand, I’d love for Silas and V to grow up with another sibling and 3 just feels good to us. AAAGH. Anyways, as you can see... lots of factorsand lots of indecisiveness over here.

BUT, all that to say... with birth and babies on my mind, I can’t help but think about things I did the last 2 times and what I would do the same/differently if we ever DID have a third. I definitely feel more prepared for things like my hospital bag and newborn must-haves, having had 2 previous newborns. I would still keep a lot of things simple, from decorating to baby clothes. We would still get meals delivered from our church and I’d definitely have family in town for a couple weeks afterwards – it’s so nice to have adult company and extra helping hands (especially when you like the people that come over ;)).

Things I’d do differently? Probably a few things, but at the top of my list? Digging a little deeper into the Cord Blood Registry and that whole process. I had heard bits and pieces about it during my last two pregnancies but never fully investigated stem cell preservation. You can visit for more details, but, basically, by preserving your baby’s cord blood stem cells, you’re able to keep them for future medical use for them! AND they may be used in the treatment of over 80 diseases and conditions. That’s pretty amazing to me!

I tend to struggle with some anxiety and so while I try to not live in the “what-if’s” of life, I also believe in doing everything I can to ensure 1) nothing bad happens to my children and 2) if something did, having the ability to fight it! I wish I had known more about cord blood banking before having Silas and Verity because we probably would’ve made the decision to do it! I’ve loved learning about the process of stem cell storage and feel way more informed going into the future – whether we have another baby or not, or even if we adopt! I’m a person who likes options and I’m excited to consider this option for any other kiddos that come in our family.

How did you know if your family was complete or not?? Also, did you choose to preserve your newborn’s stem cells? I’d love to hear from you!