my breastfeeding must-haves and tips

This post is sponsored by Evivo, but as always, the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Since I just did a post that detailed our breastfeeding journey (which you can read here), I figured this would be a nice little follow-up! Having breastfed for 21 months total, spaced out over two babies, I have a few tried and true things that made my experiences so much smoother:

1) Keep snacks and water handy (for YOU) - breastfeeding gives you an UNGODLY, unquenchable hunger and thirst. Truly. It's crazy. So buy yourself a big 'ol water jug with a straw and some granola bars to keep on the bedside table. You'll thank me later.

2) A comfy robe - something cozy and fluffy and warm, preferably. Being able to snuggle up in my robe with a hot cup of coffee in between feedings was one of those simple joys that I treasured. Especially in the midst of postpartum and all the chaos that comes with that.

3) A comfy carrier to nurse in + breast pads - once you get the hang of breastfeeding and don't have the time to stop and sit for 20 minutes to feed, get a CARRIER! I fed on the go allllll the time in our Ergo - Disneyland, IKEA, friends' houses, walking through the grocery store, you name it. Also, breast pads - get the reusable cotton ones! You can wash them AND they're soft, so they don't scratch your raw nipples. Woosah.

4) Evivo probiotic drops- I WISH I'd known about these when I was breastfeeding, y'all! They maximize the benefits of breastmilk, they protect your baby's gut for a healthy metabolism and immune system and defend against bad bacteria. Gut health is REAL, you guys. Especially for babies, since what we do now literally sets them up for the rest of their lives! And Evivo is the only probiotic proven to do all of the above. You can learn more about them here, which I'm definitely storing away for any future babies we have!

IMG_4075 2.JPG

5) Grace, to give yourself - the first few weeks are ROUGH. So cry, ask for help, find a lactation consultant, sleep when you can, use the nipple cream and HANG ON. It does get better, I promise.

You got this, mamas!