2018 goals

Well, not really sure how I'm already writing ANOTHER new year post, since it feels like I just wrote out my 2017 goals haha! But here we are, January 1st, 2018!!! Let's do this:

First up, my word for the year! As hard as it is to narrow it down to just ONE word, I do love the practice of having a specific word or phrase to focus on throughout the year. I felt the word FLOURISH stir in my heart a few weeks ago and I'm super excited to see how that plays out over the next 12 months - I really think God wants to continue some big things in my heart and life after the insane year we just had.. and flourishing sounds REAL GREAT right about now! Ha!

And now for my goals:

- Start journaling again (I used to journal every day, from about age 14-23. I have an entire Rubbermaid tote full of old journals and it's something I miss so much. Writing helps me process - obviously haha - so I really miss the growth and insight that came from journaling. I'm excited to get back into it)

- Keep growing my hair out (this was one of my goals from last year and I'm proud to say I did NOT give into the chop ;) hoping to grow it another 4-6 inches this year!)

- Less phone time (I said this last year, too.. but seriously. It's hard because so much of my job is on social media, but I spend way too much time mindlessly scrolling when I could be engaged in so many other, better, activities. 2018: STOP THE SCROLL.)

- More family meals together (We rarely eat out but due to schedules and hungry kids, we tend to eat dinner in shifts most nights. I'd love to be more intentional and proactive about sitting down at the table TOGETHER and eating/talking. I think some of the deepest family moments, the best conversations, happen around the table and I want to cultivate that atmosphere in our home - especially as the kids get older.)

- Matt and I pray together more (We're really good about praying with the kids and for the kids all throughout the day - it's something Silas has really grasped onto and we LOVE that! But we suck at taking specific time to pray together, just him and I - for our kids, our home, our marriage, each other, etc. This is a HUGE one on my list this year.)

- Mini-getaways (Matt and I have been talking about this for a long time now - big vacations are hard due to the nature of his job, so we are aiming to do a small 1-2 night getaway once a quarter instead. We desperately need the break and if we don't plan it out, keep it in mind, make it happen.. an entire year goes by and we realize we haven't spent any alone time together. Same goes for date nights. We HAVE to be better about this!)

- Read more: 1 book a month (I used to read allllll the time.. and then life happened, kids, housework, smartphones haha. It's something I really miss and I actually feel like my mind misses - if that makes sense?! Anyways, setting the bar low so I can accomplish it haha. One book a month. Boom.)

- Complain less (Because seriously, it's so easy to let our minds focus on the negative in situations. I want to train my mind - and heart - to be filled with gratitude instead.)


That's it! I always feel this urge to write out 50+ goals and get really organized and pumped up, but then those things get lost in the shuffle and never, ever happen haha! So I'm keeping it simple this year and really trying to focus on things that I can actually start to grow and change in and I'm feeling good about this list!


And to end.. a couple of things I'm looking forward to in 2018:

- Our 5th wedding anniversary

- California in June

- More getaways!

- Verity starting Mother's Day Out at the end of the year

- Turning 29, Matt turning 35, Silas turning 4 and Verity turning 2 (seems CRAZY to see those numbers written out - time is flying by so fast and I don't want to wish away a single moment - good, bad and ugly. SO BRING IT, 2018!!)


Happy New Year, friends! Let's make it a good one.