keep that floor clean, girl.

This post is sponsored by Bona; however, all thoughts and options are my own!


Alllllright. I'm about to confess something to y'all. Ready? And seriously, before I tell you... just PUHHLEASE promise that you won't judge me. I swear I'm an amazing housewife and mother in every area except.... MY FLOORS. There. I said it. Cringe. I hate hate hate cleaning floors, y'all (mainly because I hate bending over and wringing out a big, wet mop).

The floors in our house used to get cleaned like... once every 5 months? MAYBE??! Ugh. I should be ashamed to even write that out.. and I am. A little. HAHA. But I try to keep it real around here and that's about as real as I can get with y'all. 



PS, isn't it funny, as an adult, the things that excite you?? Things like.. an easier way to clean your floors?? I feel like I want to kick up my heels and cheer... but I won't. Because the kids are sleeping and because I'd probably look downright ridiculous. Ha! But seriously, I'm SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS MOP.


This is the next generation Bona Premium Spray Mop with Bona Hardwood floor cleaning solution and it. is. AMAZING. 

They redesigned the mop to make for an easier assembly and ejection (now there's an audible click! I'm a person that needs the click to tell me I've done it right haha). The base has a large head, which makes for easier (and faster, HALLELUJAH) cleaning. The mop itself is super lightweight, which means everyone in your family can help (ahem, which is why Silas is with the mop in these pics -- that kid LOVES to clean)!! And one of my personal favorite features is that you just squeeze the handle at the top and the cleaning solution sprays out in front in a fine mist -- no wringing wet mop heads or having separate bottles to keep track of -- just one, simple design. 


And because y'all know about my obsession with clean living, I also have to mention the cleaning solution. Every mop comes with a full-size cartridge of the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner -- which is safe for all unwaxed, polyurethane finished wood floors (and BONUS: it dries residue-free!). It also has the GREENGUARD GOLD certification, which means it's safe to use around your home and family. I have to say, a mama of two young kiddos, this is a huge plus for me.


I cannot believe how clean our floors are right now -- and because the Bona Premium Spray Mop is so easy to use, I think I might actually start mopping my floors more than once every 5 months. Haha!!

Here's a link where you can find more info and grab one for yourself! Also, if you sign up to be a BonaFide Fanatic on their website, you’ll get free shipping, plus $5 off your mop -- which is such a good deal! Let me know if you end up snagging one and our floors can be that much cleaner together!! ;)