my one word - 2019 (and a few resolutions)

This post is sponsored by Happy Family Organics but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.


2019. HOW???? I have no idea how I’m already writing another New Years post — didn’t I JUST write last year’s?? And I know I say that almost every time I write these… haha! But seriously, it just blows my mind. 2018 turned out to be one of the hardest years I’ve ever experienced — my grandma passed away just a few weeks before 2018 began so much of the year was cloaked in grief. We then went on to lose 5 pregnancies over the course of 12 months, which honestly, just about broke me. It was a year full of loss and sadness, with just a few bright points throughout (which I’m so thankful for). I’m really praying 2019 will be full of joy and light.


My goals for this year:

— Regular date nights with Matt. Again, we say this every year but we STILL haven’t found a rhythm with them, soo I’m putting it down again haha.

— Lose my last 15-20 lbs (I’ve already lost almost 20!)

— Build my Beachbody business. Diamond coach!

— STOP THE SCROLL. Be more disciplined with when I scroll.

— Continue waking up early to workout and spend some time with Jesus

— Have a baby… or come to peace about not having one <3

— Finish decorating the kids’ bedrooms

— Redo laundry room

— Be more present, especially with the kids. Mentally and emotionally.


Things I’m looking forward to in 2019:

— Magnolia trip with one of my best friends in February!

— Probable CA trip in March

— Celebrating our 6th anniversary in March

— Our first niece being born in April!

— My 30th birthday in July (!!! WUT)

— Another CA trip for our fam vacation in September

— Oct-Dec, AKA my favorite time of the entire year


My word for the year (well, actually I have 2 haha):

— CLARITY. I feel like this probably has a lot to do with the whole baby situation. But I’m really praying for clarity this year in general. Clarity in what to do next. Where to go. What to say yes to. What to say no to. Where we spend our time. Our money. How to best serve each other. Be the best parents we can be. CLARITYYY.

— INTENTIONAL. Which kind of goes hand in hand with clarity…but still. These babies of mine… see their little faces in these pictures? They are EVERYTHING. I want to be so intentional about the time I spend with them, the things we do, what we expose them to, what we put in their bodies.

I’m already pretty conscientious about what I feed them but I want to be even more aware of products and ingredients. Which is one of the reasons Happy Family Organics has been my FAVORITE brand since 2014. Not even joking. It’s one of the only baby brands I trust completely. They are organic (which always means no GMO’s), they’re produced without toxic pesticides and utilize sustainable farming practices, which is huge for the environment. The snacks are YUMMY, they’re for all ages (and honestly, my kids love the “baby" snacks” the most haha)! Our favorites are the yogi’s (freeze dried yogurt and fruit snacks), the rice cakes and the fiber and protein soft-baked oat bars! Quick, easy to use on-the-go, and I KNOW that I’m filling their little bellies with good stuff. INTENTIONAL, 1000%.


Nothing means more to me than loving my people well. Matt, Silas, Verity. They are my world and the best gifts that God ever entrusted to me. I want everything I do this year. My words, my actions, my thoughts, everything… to leave every single one of them better off than when the year started. I have goals, yes. I have dreams, I have ideas. But those all pale in comparison to being intentional, being present and LOVING THE ISH out of my crew. THAT is what will make 2019 a good one. LET’S DO THIS.