my hospital bag must-haves!

alright y'all.. THIRD TIME AROUND. I actually added a few more things from my last hospital stay with Verity, even though my list is already longer than most people's, most likely haha! buuuut what can I say?? I like to be prepared. AND to be fair, I really do use everything I bring, every time I’m there haha.

disclaimer: I know everyone's situation will vary based on where they deliver, what their hospital provides and their own personal preferences but hopefully this helps someone out there!

here's what I’m bringing (and why):


for me:

- iPod/bluetooth speaker (I love having worship music playing - super peaceful)                                                                                                                     - chapstick (dry lips during labor are the worst)
- hair ties
- 6ft. extension cord (bc those plugs are never where you need them to be, especially when you want to charge your phone)
- phone charger 
- hydroflask (easier to drink out of - personal preference)
- pillow (SO NICE to have your own pillow - hospital ones suck)
- hair straightener/curling iron (some people swear you won't care what you look like, but I totally did haha. maybe that makes me vain? I don't know. but it was nice to feel "put together" after the delivery and before people came to visit).
- dry shampoo 
- face wash/face lotion
- toothbrush/toothpaste/deodorant
- makeup (for the same reason as the hair straightener haha)

- makeup remover wipes (ordered some from beautycounter)
- boppy (cover:
- 2 black towels (again, because the hospital ones suck. maybe it's me but I need something bigger than a washcloth to dry off with haha)

- flip flops for shower
- socks (hospitals are FREEZING)
- robe (skin to skin, easy access and more coverage, especially with visitors) 
- 2 nursing tanks or comfy tees
- 2 nursing bras (I always packed 2 because.. leaking milk)
- 2 pairs yoga pants (because.. bleeding through things)
- granny panties (the hospital usually provides mesh panties, which are nice for the first day, but I liked having regular ones to put on after that. felt more comfortable)
- slippers/birks to wear home
- nipple cream (not a huge fan of the hospital lanolin, i’m trying one by motherlove this time!)

- cotton nursing pads

- sound machine (we use these at home, too, and honestly, hospitals are LOUD. hoping we get better sleep this time around)
- snacks (gum, vitamin water zero, organic lollipops (to suck on during labor), applesauce squeeze packs, jerky, dried mango, nuts - best idea EVER. especially if you deliver late at night and everything is closed and all they have are crackers for you - happened with Silas and we learned our lesson. pack those snacks!)

- kindle or laptop to watch shows— this is a new one for us to try. not sure we’ll even use it but might be nice to have if it’s a long labor so we don’t have to use our phones.

- my bag is from fawn design (link: and it’s PERFECT. literally the perfect size and sooo gorgeous.


for baby:

- 3 sleepers (in case of a blowout)
- hat/bonnet (again, hospitals are COLD)
- 2 swaddle blankets (I liked having cute ones to take pics with)
- going home outfit 

- paci
- car seat
- car seat cover 

for Matt:

- toiletries 
- pillow
- 2 changes of clothes 
- phone charger 

- snacks

- advil (he always gets headaches at the worst time)

- some change/cash for vending machines (the man likes his cokes haha)


that’s it! I honestly just love to feel prepared and like I have everything I could need within reach! I’ve struggled with PPD/PPA twice now, so I just try to do everything I can to make the transition easier/less anxious — and a full hospital bag is one major thing that helps me relax. our last delivery was 100% stress-free because of this list, which was huge and really allowed me to enjoy just being present with Verity. hoping it’s the same this time around!! I'd love to hear from you, what were some of your must-haves??