my top 8 Father's Day gift ideas!

Skechers sent their Palen shoes over for review - all thoughts/opinions are my own. The other items on the list are not gifted or sponsored in any way.

Okay, I don't know about you, but my husband is THE hardest person to shop for, ever. He never knows what he wants, he's super particular about the things he DOES want and it's an just all-around difficult task. BUT, after almost four and a half years of marriage, I feel like I finally have somewhat of a grip on the type of gifts he will like and I'm pretty sure these 8 picks are shoo-ins at this point! I mean.. I'll update for sure once Father's Day rolls around though and let you know how I did. Haha.

Here are my favorite gift ideas for the dad in your life, in no particular order!

1) Contigo travel mug - We LOVE Contigo mugs! And Matt has lost at least 3 of them over the last year, so these are always on my gift list for him. Ha! They keep his coffee super hot and I love how sleek-looking they are.

2) Best Dad Ever tee - I just love little shirts like this!! Mainly because Matt really is the BEST DAD EVER. And I want everyone to know it.

3) Palen-Gadon Casual Shoes from Skechers - Alright y'all, these shoes! We were sent the Palen-Gadon relaxed fit shoes in gray and LOVE THEM. They have gel-infused memory foam soles and Matt is seriously obsessed. He tends to be especially particular about shoes and how they fit, so he was super excited to put these on and see how comfortable they are! He's a real estate agent so he's on his feet non-stop during the day and the memory foam makes a huge difference for him! Pretty sure we're going to order them in every color now.

4) Golf balls - Because my husband (and lots of other husbands I know) love to golf. You can never, ever go wrong with extra golf balls!

5) A new grill kit - I like to buy a new one of these every year or so for Matt. I just hate the thought of all the burnt meat and gristle that accumulates from the grill each time we use the tools and this one is so affordable, I just figure... WHY NOT. Plus, everyone loves a fresh set of toys!

6) Home Depot gift card - Matt could spend HOURS at Home Depot.. and he does. Ha! So for him, a gift card is super fun because he can snag a little something that he's had his eye on or he'll save his cards for a bigger something later on. Either way, it makes him happy. And if he's happy, I'm happy. Boom. Done.

7) Dad's coffee spoon - I LOVE THESE. And I love that you can pick up one that already has a cute saying on it or you can customize it to say whatever you want!

8) Swim shorts - Because let's face it.. your husband's trunks are probably at least 5 years old and are lookin' pretty ratchet. #amiright. I love these ones from Kortni Jeane (I love all of her suits - I own two, myself)! They're trendy, affordable and definitely helps me make sure we're all color-coordinated for the summer. Which is totally important to Matt. HAHA. Kidding. Only I care about those kinda of things ;)

Alrighty, folks. That's it! Those are my top 8 picks for Father's Day - and I'd love to hear from you! What's your husband or dad like? Is he easy to shop for? What are your go-to gifts?